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Bare Facts And Naked Truths

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The very idea of truth as a substantial and meaningful concept has been under attack recently from advocates of New Age and postmodern theories. In this book Englebretsen defends the notions of truth and objectivity as key to the scientific view of the natural world and presents an original defence of the 'commonsense' correspondence theory of truth. Englebretsen's approach overcomes the traditional difficulties of correspondence theories of truth with providing adequate and convincing accounts of truth-bearers, truth-makers and the correspondence relation between them by taking truth-bearers to be propositions and facts as constitutive properties of the world. This accessibly written book surveys all of the major competing theories of truth (coherence, pragmatic, redundancy, semantic, deflationary, disquotational, minimalist) before formulating the new defence of the correspondence theory and then exploring the consequences of the theory for issues in epistemology and ontology. The book concludes by showing how the idea of 'propositional depth' can be used to dissolve the Liar paradoxes.

Resurrection - Fact Or Fiction

RRP $25.99

"Joe Otto, a friend and dedicated layman, has written a remarkable and engaging book. It is remarkable for the range of theology that he covers in so short a space. It is all the more remarkable in that these are topics about which theologians write great tomes and about which they argue with one another today.

Best of all is his strong presentation of the centrality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a real event which took place in Jesus in 30 A.D. in the outskirts of Jerusalem, with amazing implications for understanding the whole of Scripture and for our lives in Christ today. Pick up and read." Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers Jr., Th.D.

Dean/President Emeritus Trinity School for Ministry, Retired Bishop AMIA

"Joe Otto blessed the church where I served by teaching a series on stewardship. Now he has used his legal mind to lead us to make a decision to follow Jesus. He makes a concise case largely rooted in the unique truth of Christ's resurrection. Just as Abraham experienced the 'resurrection' of Isaac when God provided the ram in the thicket, Joe leads us to find new life when he helps us see the truth of the Lamb of God rising from the dead."

Rt. Rev. J. Mark Zimmerman, D. Min.

Bishop, Anglican Church in North America, Southwest Diocese Former Rector of "St. Francis in the Fields" and "Somerset Anglican Fellowship," Somerset, Pennsylvania

"It is great to see a trial lawyer with lifetime experiences bring that same analytical talent to the Christian faith. Joe Otto addresses in this book a wide variety of evidences concerning the Christian faith - very helpful to the inquiring mind of someone who wants real answers."

Rev. Dr. John Guest, Rector/Senior Pastor of Christ Church at Grove Farm, former Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania and Founding Evangelist, JGET, Oxford University, United Kingdom

"The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the central facts undergirding Christian faith and life. Joe Otto brings to bear his legal training in a succinct and masterful summary of the Biblical and historical evidence for the reality of these events and compellingly urges their significance for us today. This little book will both greatly encourage Christian disciples and challenge those who do not believe, are skeptics, or simply have questions, to take the step for faith."

The Rev. Dr. Dennett Buettner Pastor, Church of the Savior, Ambridge, Pennsylvania

"The Resurrection of Jesus is the most hopeful teaching in the Bible. Joe Otto makes a strong case that the resurrection is good, beautiful, and above all, true."

Steve Palmer, Assistant Rector St. Stephen's Church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

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An adorable bear joins a classic read-aloud for an adventure little hunters will love
Imagine the fun of going on a bear hunt-through tall, wavy grass (SWISHY SWISHY ); swampy mud (SQUELCH SQUELCH ); and a swirling whirling snowstorm (HOOOO WOOOO ) - only to find a "real" bear waiting at the end of the trail For brave hunters and bear lovers, the classic chant-aloud by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury is now accompanied by a cuddly, six-inch bear just waiting to be found.

Fast Facts: Amazing Universe

RRP $13.99

What are stars made of? Why do they die? Has anyone or anything ever lived on Mars? What are sunspots? How big is the International Space Station?

Take a journey through the amazing Universe and into the unknown beyond, and collect some bitesize facts about time, space and space travel along the way.

Fast Facts is a new series of high-interest, lower reading ability books aimed at fact-hungry children who enjoy information books but may be less confident readers or have difficulty with the usual quantity and level of text aimed at their age group.

This exciting series has been created by using the stunning visual images from the best-selling Navigators series, reducing the number of visual elements per page and rewriting the text with simpler sentence structure, easier vocabulary, and larger typesize.


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